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    MCAS Cherry Point, NC Local Information

    Local Communities and Features

    MCAS Cherry Point is in the city limits of Havelock, North Carolina. Havelock has about 22,000 people, and is in Craven County, which has a population of about 105,000 people. Other nearby small communities within commuting range include New Bern (30,000), Morehead City (9,000), Neuse Forest (2,000), Trent Woods (4,000), and Beaufort (4,000).

    Havelock to MCAS Cherry Point is about 2 miles, and 7 minutes. The average commute in Craven County is about 16 minutes. New Bern, Morehead City, Neuse Forest, and Trent Woods are all within 30 minutes commute under normal circumstances.

    Local Housing Rental Prices
    : The average apartment rent in the Craven County area ranges from $425 to $800 per month, with a median of about $550 per month. However, in Havelock, the average apartment rent is an average of about $900 per month.

    Local Housing Purchase Prices
    : The average price for a house in Havelock in the last few years was about $151,000 for a detached house, compared to $218,000 for North Carolina. A townhouse in Havelock is about $99,000, compared to about $174,000 statewide average. The average prices in Craven County in the last few years was about $196,000 for a detached house, and about $203,000 for a townhouse.

    Short Description of the Area
    : Havelock is a small city in central coastal North Carolina, in Craven County, one of the longest settled areas of the eastern USA. The city of Havelock only goes back to the early 1800s, but Craven County goes back to the time of Blackbeard and early English colonies, making this one of the most historically packed areas in the US.

    Climate and Weather
    : The area has a warm, humid climate, winter temperatures of the mid 50s to mid 30s and summer temperatures ranging from the high 80s to low 70s. The area has variable weather, with summer storms, including thunderstorms and some oceanic storms rolling in off the Atlantic, and comparatively calm, mild winters. Rainfall is generally 3"-7", drier in the spring and fall, and wetter in summer and winter. Winter snow is rare.