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    MCAS Cherry Point, NC - Housing

    MCAS Cherry Point is in the city limits of Havelock, North Carolina. Havelock has about 22,000 people; the county has about 105,000 people. Other nearby towns within commuting range include New Bern, Morehead City, Neuse Forest, Trent Woods, and Beaufort.

    Havelock to MCAS Cherry Point is about 7 minutes. The average commute in Craven County is about 16 minutes. New Bern, Morehead City, Neuse Forest, and Trent Woods are all within 30 minutes commute under normal circumstances.

    Rent and house prices in the Havelock / Craven County area is fairly reasonable. Rentals in the county averages about $600 for a one-bedroom, and about $1400 for a four-bedroom. However, in Havelock the average rent is often higher. The average listing price for a house in Havelock is about $145,000.

    Havelock is a small city in central coastal North Carolina, in one of the longest settled areas and most historic areas of the eastern USA. The area has mild winters and hot humid summers, and is surrounded by the Croatan National Forest. has more information on the local area, including where to go for base information, local information, day trips, museums, beaches, pirates, food festivals, and other entertainment, on left, local resources on right, and links below for contact information for off post housing or relocation specialists.